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Uyanwune, Chekwube
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I remember in 1996, I was awoken by a sharp, uncontrollable shout, when I opened my eyes, my mother was wailing and screaming like I had never seen before the words that kept coming from her mouth over and over was “ kedi ebe Chukwudi noo?” (where is Chukwudi?).
I did not understand what she meant or even who Chukwudi was, so I engaged my young thought to figure out why she would weep in that manner for whoever Chukwudi was. I thought of one of her customers named Chukwudi but I still couldn’t fathom why she would cry in that…

In today’s competitive environment, it is not enough to be the best in your field intellectually, competency is only half of what you need to climb the ladder of success. The other half is the softer side of you. It is the part of you that will be liked, admired, trusted and remembered….. Carole Nicola Ides.

The conversation about unemployment has always been a topic on the lips of almost everybody, it is all over the news around the World; it is a major issue that I believe it is only second to the Corona virus on the most talked…

The way we do things around here — —Charles Handy.

One of The most remarkable terms I have come across is the word culture. Though I had always memorised the definition of that word “peoples’ way of life”, the way a people live, the way they talk, the way they dress, the way a people think, the way they do business, the way they react to an emergency. Understanding the culture of a person can tell us a lot about the person before you meet the person.
Though I didn’t get to really understand the impact of culture and what…

As an intellectual citizen or child of any country, it is a thing of joy to boast of the number of books of local origins you have consumed and how effortlessly you can tell stories illustrated in those books. As they say, charity begins from home.

To a certain degree, I failed in this regard. Whilst. Whilst I Am an ardent reader of books, I have most times preferred to read works of foreign origins whilst disregarding the stories coming from the home. …

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When there is a problem in the country, it is to the benefit of a few. The COVID-19 has become a toothache to the world, businesses are shut down, streets are empty, airports are closed, railway stations are like ghost towns, the usual bustling cities of the world from New York to London down to Lagos where I live appears to have had some sort of biblical rapture take away everyone, but we know that’s not the case.

This is not the first time such pandemic has hit the world, but for most of us alive today, this is the…

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The first thing that comes to the mind of every fresh graduate once leaving the university is the question “where am I going to work?” how do I get a job. While some people get jobs immediately after leaving the university through connections or by merit, others settle to do just any jobs they can lay hands on just to get by while they wait to move on to something better. The rest may never work, some sit at home, others try their hands on new things; petty business or menial jobs. The Nigerian unemployment rate was at about 23.11…

child washing hand

If a child washes his hands, he could eat with Kings. The above is an Igbo proverb which I first came across in the popular book THINGS FALL APART published in the year 1958, Chinualumogu Albert Achebe explained as in the life of Okonkwo the protagonist of the book that every person is responsible of making his or her own future and opportunities by himself.

Most people arbitrarily speak about unemployment in Nigeria as though it entirely is government shortcoming without single blame or any fingers pointed to the person who himself is unemployed. Even though the Nigerian government has…

Uyanwune, Chekwube

When a child washes his hands, then he can eat with his elders.

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